Deary - Slow down and re-energize


Are you always busy?

Are you the kind of person that is familiar with the words: ‘too busy’, ‘rushing around’ and ‘sorry no time’? Our days seem to become busier and busier, so, you are probably not the only one who is always running around feeling busy and stressed. Therefore, it might be even more crucial to slow down now and again.


Make sure to invest time in what you enjoy

Slowing down and creating time for a moment of peace on a busy day is not something all of us do. Some of us might not want to create time and others might just not know how to find the time to slow down and enjoy the things which are meaningful to them. However, for your health it is important to slow down at moments as your body and mind need the time to recharge.



Think of what is meaningful for you or what you enjoy doing and try to invest some time into these activities. Do you like to read? Than make sure you create that time to read a book. Perhaps when you travel to work. Or do like to go running or do yoga? Than trade that night in the week where you would sit scrolling through work emails for what you truly enjoy.

Or perhaps invest time in your meaningful relationships with friends and family. Perhaps by using deary and re-reading your most meaningful messages with them. Deary gives you the opportunity to have a moment to remember some of your best memories.

The importance of slowing down and giving your mind and body time to re-energize will benefit you on the long run. In these days where a burn out is becoming more common, make sure to put work and your phone aside to re-energize and focus on what is meaningful to you!  

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