Deary - How to stay connected with friends and family when moving abroad

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Just moved abroad? Or going to move?

When moving away from your loved ones it can be a little challenging to find a good balance between building up your new life abroad and to keep the connection with all your friends and family back home. We have therefore summed up some nice ways to forget about the distance with your loved ones when living far away.  

Keeping the connection good

An amazing and unique way to feel more connected to your loved ones far away is to re-read your most beautiful chat conversations with them. At Deary, we automatically retrieve your best chat messages. You can save these in your digital diary and you can enjoy re-reading your most meaningful, romantic or funny messages all night long. This is great for lonely moments, or whenever you need to take a break from your new routine.

Furtherrmore, one of the more traditional/popular ways to get to see all your loved ones is to Skype or Facetime. It’s lovely to see each other’s faces and to not feel left out.

Another nice way to stay in touch could perhaps be, writing a blog. Write your own blog to keep everyone up to date, or perhaps write a blog together. You can keep all of your friends and family up to date with your new adventures without having to tell the whole story 12 times.

The final way of staying close to your loved ones far away is by creating a playlist together. Add all your favorite songs or add the songs that hold those great memories from last summer together perhaps. These songs will help you guys remember all the good moments and each other.


These are some fun ways of keeping that connection going and feel like you are still part of each other lives despites the distance. Whenever you move away or have been living far away from your loved ones, you can still feel connected and share your amazing memories together.

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