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Long Distance Relationships

Communication is not that important in a relationship...

Said no one ever!


Couples embark on a journey of long distance relationships for a plethora of reasons. Sometimes one has chosen to move for better job opportunities, or it might be a matter of necessity because one of you needs to return home to look after a relative. The postive side of experiencing distance is that both parties get the opportunity to grow as a person and dedicate more time into their career, friends and family. However, it’s no secret that long distance relationships aren’t all ‘plain sailing’ and can come with difficulties. What’s less understood are the ways in which these difficulties can affect your relationship and what’s out there to help.

When involved in a long distance relationship, couples need to be more creative in playing a big role in each other’s lives. From planning movie nights at a distance to delivering pizza to your partners’ house. However, this often still does not live up to actually physically being able to do these things together.

Next to missing each other’s physical presence, the key difficulty is the issues surrounding communication. Communication is not only fundamental to the success of a relationship but is also one of the only interactive connection the two parties have to each other. Therefore, the messages shared when being in a long distance relationship, are often more meaningful than the ones couples send that are not affected by distance. Sending meaningful messages and using facetime is one of the limited ways of showing your love and appreciation towards each other.


Having researched around the topic of long distance relationships, and having the CEO of Deary being involved in his own long distance relationship experience, it was clear that there was not one app that truly ‘cared’ about the couples involved. I deliberately use the word ‘cared’ as there are multiple apps which allow you to play games or offer some form of interaction for you both. Yet, not one app actually considers the importance and value to the messages exchanged, the feeling of receiving or sending messages to a loved one far away is a monumental feeling and holds thousands of memories - this is where Deary comes into play.

Deary helps us feel closer to the ones who are far. Whether the distance is due to work, study or just general distance, no matter the reason, whatever the weather, Deary is designed to help people feel closer together. Deary’s mission is to enhance the quality of communication between long distance relationships by using AI to transform intimate chat conversations into a diary full of memories.

Saving all your meaningful messages when your loved one is at far can make you feel closer and remind you of all the beautiful memories already shared between the two of you.

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