Deary - The app that retrieves your most treasured messages


On a daily basis, ourselves and our loved ones can exchange hundreds of messages. Of which, some messages may hold no worth and can be easily disregarded, yet many will carry huge sentimental value and provide us with intimate memories and connects us to our long-distance lovers.


As with most technological platforms, messages can be lost through losing phones, technical issues, running low on storage or simply be lost in the daily flow of chat.

There are so many meaningful, loving and funny messages on your phone, you unknowingly have forgotten, as they got lost in the daily flow of messages.

Deary makes it possible to retrieve these messages that got lost in the daily flow of messages, which you might not even knew about.

How does Deary work?

  • Deary combines the art of science in the form of artificial intelligence with emotional intelligence (it’s not as complicated as it sounds promise) to create a platform which can automatically identify our valuable messages and safely store them for us – never to be lost or forgotten.

  • Deary identifies messages it believes are of importance to us and safely stores them. Us, the user can then begin labelling the messages with their related emotions or discard the messages which are of no value. The more you carry out this process, the more Deary will learn and start saving only the messages that are valuable to you.

  • The saved messages will be stored into private digital diaries for each of your conversations, which can be printed into vintage leather journals to be kept as a keepsake or gifted to a loved one.


Deary creates the possibility for lost messages to be retrieved, saved and cherished again. Making sure that important moments and messages from your relationships do not get lost in the bottomless flow of messaging platforms, but can be adored permanently in your personal diary, in the app, or on paper.

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