Deary Update

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Hello all!

The team here at Deary would first like to thank you for keeping up with Deary app! We love all your support, and want to get you up to date with what has been going on at Deary.

Apologies for our recent absence and delay since we released the first Android version; eyes have been busy glued to crashing computer screens and many cups of mediocre coffee have been consumed. However, our dedication has paid off and the new and improved Android version is now available in the Playstore.  

For all the eager iOS users waiting out there, we are on track to have the app available towards the end of March. After this release, physical diaries will soon be available to be purchased and shipped.

So, what have Deary been up to all this time you ask?

1.    Android and iOS developments

2.    Organising the shipping of the diaries

3.    Designing the physical diary

4.    Working on improving AI algorithms

5.    Designing interactive tutorials within the Deary app

6.    Re-designing the website

7.    Shaping the graphics of Deary app and book.


As a reward for your exceptional patience we will be adding an amazing new feature which allows you to label emotions to your messages, making it easier to organise your diaries!

A huge thank you again,

Deary Team

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